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Til ağ fá upplısinga um hvort hvolpar eru til sölu er hægt ağ hringja í síma 566 8417 alla daga  eğa senda tölvupóst hundagalleri@simnet.is
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Hvolparnir eru ekki afhentir fyrr en şeir eru orğnir 8 - 10 vikna gamlir. Şeir eru heilsufarsskoğağir sprautağir viğ parvó,lifrabólgu,kennelhósta og hundafári , ormahreinsağir, örmerktir og meğ ættbók frá Íshundum.


Because of the Pomeranians small size and high-energy requirements, the Pom is predisposed to episodes of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. This is especially a concern in the smaller dogs and puppies and during times of illness or stress. Stress can be caused by entering a new environment (such as changing homes), during excessive traveling, or any major change in the Poms daily routine. Hypoglycemia tends to occur at night or very early morning hours, however, it can occur at any time.

Hypoglycemia can be recognized by a Pom suddenly becoming weak, listless, and confused or unaware of its surroundings.   The Pomeranian may be unable to walk without stumbling or may not be able to stand up at all. The gums will appear pale and the eyes will look dazed. As symptoms progress, the Pom may go into convulsions, seizures, and coma followed by death. Repetitive late stage hypoglycemia episodes can lead to brain damage or sudden death. Hypoglycemia progresses quickly so it is vital that Pom owners be familiar with it symptoms.

At the first signs of Hypoglycemia, You should administer some form of glucose. Nutri-Cal or Karo syrup are the most popular form of glucose used by breeders of Pomeranians. Nutri-Cal can be found at major Pet retail stores such as Petco or Petsmart.  We recommend that every new Pomeranian owner buy a tube of Nutri-Cal (which usually cost less than $10) to have in case of emergencies. If the Pom is unconscious, immediately rub the glucose on it gums and under it's tongue. Do not take time to call your vet until AFTER administering some form of glucose. Do NOT administer sugar water if the Pomeranian is not conscious or convulsing, as the pom could choke on the water.

The Pom should respond quickly to treatment, especially when glucose is administered in the early stages of an attack. Even if your Pom appears fine after receiving the glucose, it is important that you contact your vet as complications can occur. After you Pom has sufficiently recovered from the attack it is important to offer your Pom some high protein food. Such as beef baby food, banana yogurt baby food, or small pieces of cheese. We recommend monitoring your Pom for at least 30 minutes after a hypoglycemic attack.

Hypoglycemia is easily prevented. Simply provide your Pomeranian with high quality food and water at all times. We highly recommend Innova Evo Small Bites dry dog food. It is also important to provide a quiet, out of the way place where your Pomeranian can rest. Your Pom should eat small amounts of food throughout the day and take frequent rest periods. Watch your Pomeranian closely if it has not been eating like it should. Do not change your brand of food abruptly.

If a change of food is required, mix the old brand with the new for several days, gradually increasing to amount of the new brand until the switch is made. Promptly treat any signs of loose bowels in the manner recommended by your vet. Do not give your Pom too many treats as this could cause it to go off its food. An occasional tidbit will do no harm, but do not make it a habit of feeding people food or treats. Canned food is not recommended because it can have detrimental effects on the health of the teeth. If you wish to feed a soft food, make sure your Pom has regular veterinary dental care and brush its teeth daily and provide plenty of chew toys.

Your Pomeranian has been free fed (food available at all times) Innova Evo Small Bites dry dog food. This food can be purchased online or at most quality pet food stores. It can not be purchased at a grocery store and we do not recommend grocery store brands for Pomeranians. Never feed a generic brand food or one that does not bear the AAFCO seal of approval. For more information regarding Small Bites dog food continue reading this page.

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